of chronically homeless people
we house, STAY housed.

Our Programs

Housing Works provides permanent supportive housing and support services to the most traumatized,

vulnerable and needy members of our community—homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth,

Veterans, and people dealing with severe physical or mental illness or substance abuse.

We do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. Housing is just the first step!

Mobile Integrated Services Team (MIST)

MIST does outreach to and engagement with chronically homeless individuals and families and assists them in locating Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units acquired through our partnerships with non-profit housing developers and private landlords. Once housed, MIST provides comprehensive, on-site supportive services to help these new tenants sustain their housing. In addition, MIST provides housing retention/eviction prevention services to at-risk households referred by our housing provider partners to assist the tenant in retaining housing. We are the on-site service providers for the Young Burlington, T. Bailey Manor, Teague Terrace, Palo Verde, and 88th & Vermont Apartments developed by WORKS. 

The geographic area served by HW’s MIST is the County of Los Angeles with concentrated efforts in Hollywood, Pasadena, central and south Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Housing Works’ target population is chronically homeless persons with serious mental illness or multi-diagnosed with mental illness, addictions, and other chronic health conditions.

Scattered Site Housing

Provides effective, flexible, accessible, comprehensive services so that tenants can sustain their housing, develop the skills to manage their own lives, and build the confidence and personal resources to invest in their individual futures and genuinely thrive in their home and community.

The goals are to assist tenants to:

  • transition into their new home
  • stabilize and sustain their housing
  • engage and invest in their home and community
  • participate in building a safe, inclusive and healthy community
  • develop the personal skills, confidence, resilience and resources to manage their own lives and build a fulfilling future
  • identify and travel their individual path of recovery
  • link to neighborhood resources, services and activities thereby becoming a participating member of the larger community.

Project-Based Housing

We forge partnerships with property developers to be the on-site provider of supportive services to tenants who were formerly chronically homeless. Currently, Housing Works partners with Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (WORKS) and Hollywood Community Housing at Young Burlington property (specifically housing transitional aged youth), Teague Terrace (specifically housing for HIV/AIDS, mentally ill, chronic illness), T. Bailey Manor, Palo Verde Apartments, 88th and Vermont, Florence Mills Apartments, and Stanford Avenue Apartments. 

Empowerment Works

Develops and implements opportunities which help participants re-imagine a nurturing society where a person can take safe risks, fulfill lost dreams, and participate as an enfranchised member of society.

Empowerment Works gives opportunities that include competitive and supportive employment, including job opportunities through a new social enterprise Housing Works is developing, volunteer work, and  educational enrichment that includes experiences and participation in art, theater, music, and nature.

Supportive housing is about creating environments with tangible opportunities that help tenants believe in the goodness of humanity. From this belief, tenants will find hope and a future for themselves. Supportive housing has the potential of fostering hope for its tenants if the social environments engendered within have opportunities that reflect the reciprocal nature of “having value” for the person and the greater community. Empowerment Works fills the gaps that people may be experincing as they navigate integration into society. 

Help us help even MORE people to get on their feet.