Wet kiss

Wet we were fielding around one another

Cranes stooped

Sweeping wing dance

Full grace, nature’s grace

Mating graces, mates


Wet introduction enters mind into body

Warm calculations

Beat pumping rhyme

Underneath bones

Ribbed caged bones

Marrow red countenance

Singing cell fires red burning through over congested freeway lanes carrying universe flow

Wet kiss

An idea straight into bliss

Hormone, pheromone, progesterone, testosterone stirring the Milky Way into a bowl of star soup

In darkness behind blue irises, lake blue irises

Your wet mouth welcoming, dissolving, forgiving, accepting, reeling in the line of a fool fighting his fate, maybe mine


I bask in the waters, waters to mate

Swollen lips, million swollen suns flaring like no never ever so clever

A slip, a glistening slide of slip, straight into your alley hidden beyond night lights

Paris in its many delight

All ignited


First wet kiss

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