Ramon Sul

Ramon Sul

artist in residence

Ramon Sul Artist Statement

My artwork is much inspired by the pottery designs of the Puebla Indians of Arizona and New Mexico. Particularly the Zuni Tribes of New Mexico. I have also taken much interest in Mezzo American art of Central and South America.

I was first drawn to study the history of these indigenous people and the many discoveries made in the fields of art, science, agriculture, astronomy. Most of these artifacts have been discovered in the last 150 – 200 years. The connecting thread being the bloodlines of interconnected people who have shared their culture, their deities, their rituals, ceremonies, and other amazing discoveries made in the field of astronomy, time keeping, and religious structure. The customs and languages of these people vary in their artwork and are distinctive to time and location. Always exists a connecting force that has made their artistic contributions unique and undeniable indigenous to the Americas.

I love to explore color contrast, vivid hues, and develop news way to manipulate my colors; blend and find the perfect balance to give pleasure to the eye and yet communicate a story. I try to explore the inner richness of a lost culture that endured an era of dissemination and of people and their customs. Many contributions have been lost. On the same token there is much left to be discovered.

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