In Los Angeles County alone, the amount of homeless people is enough people to fill Dodger Stadium to capacity.

That’s over


Our Mission

To create housing and service options that model, with respect and
dignity, sustainable, environmentally sensitive, affordable
communities for people of limited resources.

Last night in Los Angeles County 59,000 people slept on the street, in a shelter,or another place not meant for human habitation.

One person is too many.

“I know we’re supposed to think big and mainstream. On the occasions I’ve tried to do that, I’ve realized I’m just about one-on-one; one person, one life, one relationship at a time to make it a better world.”

— Mollie Lowery

We are on the front lines of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles County. Housing Works is recognized by The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, United Way, The Corporation for Supportive Housing and many others, as one of the top providers of permanent supportive housing for the homeless in Los Angeles County. We work with the most challenging cases of chronic homelessness, in many cases housing folks who have lived on the streets for decades.

Together we’re changing lives. You can make a difference.

The chronically homeless population increased


in the past 3 years. These people are homeless for more than a year and live with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, chronic physical illnesses, are veterans and substance abusers. What happens to them?