Everyone has a story to tell, a valuable story that illuminates the human condition.

Housing Works created an artistic outlet, Writing Works, for clients and staff alike, to express themselves in weekly workshops that nurture individual voices in a safe collective atmosphere.

Michael Kearns, known for his extensive work as a theater artist, conducts the hour-long sessions with his signature intensity, openness and sense of fun.

“I don’t teach people how to write,” Kearns says. “What I do is create an environment that encourages participants to bring their emotional lives to the page. The results often prove to be cathartic, ultimately engendering a healing process.”

An outgrowth of the class has included Spoken Word performances in which members of Writing Works read their pieces for an audience that bears witness to their intimate storytelling.

Kearns says, “It’s about willingness more than it’s about spelling and punctuation. Writing Works is about finding your voice and using it.”

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