My childhood memory of being happy is when I won first prize in a talent show. It gave me confidence and taught me that I can perform in front of people and not get stage fright, or be embarrassed; it’s just what I like to do.

One time there was this guy, a street hustler named Tony, who got into a trick’s car. He turned out to be an undercover cop and was on patrol. He got violated and went to prison with a brand new case. He ended up serving five years for possession and had to start patrol all over again. Sad to say, this time he never got off patrol and ended up dying in Soledad at age thirty-four.

What makes a true survivor a true survivor?

He knows how to hold and when to fold.

When to tap in and how to gracefully tap out.

When to thank his lucky stars and count his blessings.

A true survivor has backbone and character.

A true survivor stands tall through it all.

While I was at Acton, I was doing a good program, and went to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. But the meetings and the drug rehab got boring and I thought, “Why be bored?” It came Christmas time and I split.

The sun is shining and today it really felt like a nice day. The other day I was lying in my bed and felt an earthquake. I was living down by Macarthur Park and now I’m moving out into my new apartment alone. I’ve been into Hollywood for over thirty years, now I’ve finally gotten over my little hang ups because I don’t want to have those (being broke, drugs, hustling). I don’t know where I would be without Housing Works. Ceaser has been a blessing to me. It would be nice if we could still remain friends.

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